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Within this issue, you will learn from leaders from throughout the U.S. who will empower you to what it takes to expedite your growth as a leader by highlighting leadership traits, qualities, etc… You will also become aware of ILEAD Company updates as well as receive information on small businesses who serve other small business owners to assist them in their growth.

          As you read this issue, encourage other men and women you know to connect with this digital and print magazine that empowers men and women like yourself to THINK – SPEAK & LIVE Leadership!

          The Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Winter 2017 issue features a message from Executive Editor Lakeisha McKnight, visionary of the Leadership TKO™ brand.

          This issue also shares how professionals can help you expedite your growth as a leader with content shared by our columnists: Tamika JourneyDivine Johnson, Kimtrese Slaughter, Regina King, Mse Thornton, and so many others…

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Winter 2017 Featured Message By the Executive Editor

Lakeisha McKnight


As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, Lakeisha has coached women, students and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. She has served nonprofit organizations, women’s ministries, women-owned business teams, nonprofit organizations, and international leadership organizations. Lakeisha’s general coaching topics include leadership development, peak performance, sales and marketing, business development, and women’s empowerment. Her company called The ILEAD Company has served men and women throughout the U.S. and Africa helping her to be recognized as an ‘Entrepreneur of the 2010-2011 year’ by Cambridge’s Whose Who as well as named the U.S. 2010 Ambassador for an international leadership organization. Lakeisha’s leadership was recognized by Former President Bill Clinton who gave her a presidential citation for her community service in 1999. A women’s organization called Achi Magazine honored Lakeisha with the 2014 Orator’s Award. In 2015, the 4th book that Lakeisha published called The WAKE UP book obtained attention from major media outlets including Fox, ABC, and the International Business Times. These recognitions and honors have truly helped Lakeisha to reach leaders globally. It has been a humbling journey and she is excited to know that you can join her by receiving her mentorship.

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Winter 2017’s Educational Columnists

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