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          The Fall 2017 issue focuses on helping leaders fall in love with serving. We understand that leaders are servants or do we? There are some who believe occupying a position entitles them to ‘french benefits.’ However, as you rank up, your responsibilities also increase and many eyes are on you to deliver results and guide the team along the way towards success. Therefore, some reminding is necessary that leaders essential function is to serve. If leaders fall in love with serving, you, I, my team team and yours can BE the Change and help the world become a better place.

          As you read this issue, encourage other men and women you know to connect with this digital and print magazine that empowers men and women like yourself to THINK – SPEAK & LIVE Leadership!

          The Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Fall 2017 issue features Coach Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou. She empowers women and youth to become rising leaders.

          This issue also shares how professionals can fall in love with leadership with content shared by our columnists: Tamika JourneyDivine Johnson, Kimtrese Slaughter, Regina King, Mse Thornton, and so many others…

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Fall 2017 Featured Leader

Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou


“My name is Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou, I’m from Togo and was born on August 2nd. I currently live in Virginia Beach and I’m a military wife and a mother of five, two girls and three boys.I’ve been married for seventeen years. I enjoy modeling, fitness, and writing motivational quotes. I was awarded as a Triumphant Woman in 2016 and am apart of the Women of Elevation group as well as Born To Lead organization. I was voted to be the Virginia State ambassador for the Global Women’s Leadership Campaign. I am a board member of Women of Elevation. I have also received from them a coaching certificate and a speaker in a Trainer’s Academy. I even received a certificate on the effects of domestic violence on children from the Fleet and Family Center. I was recently and trained to be in the CYP( Child Youth Program) with MWR. I would love to help children in need by lifting their soul up. And I would also like my vision to reach out to African women to help them persevere on their dreams and be strong-willed, determined, as well as to not be afraid to speak up so that we can change the lives of young girls. I want to leave a legacy to my children and the future generations to come.”

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