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Theme: ‘Turn Cold Leads Into Warm Customers’

Message from the Executive Editor

Welcome to the official Leadership TKO™ Magazine website! On behalf of the entire team, thank you for expressing a desire to read the Winter 2019 issue. The Winter 2019 issue will educate you on how to grow a successful business by turning cold leads into warm customers. The magazine team and ILEAD Company leaders understand that leadership and relationship building are importance elements to having a healthy family, maintaining a healthy life and growing wildly successful businesses. Within this issue, you will learn what you need to do to turn those relationships newly established into relationships can lead to customer/partner loyalty. We understand that business building is essential to growing your influence, impact and income.

Leadership TKO™ magazine is the leading digital magazine that empowers, entertains, and educates new and growing thought leaders to win in life and business. These thought leaders include speakers, authors, coaches, marketers, and ministry leaders across the globe. Readers will have access to cutting edge truths and applicable life and business strategies on topics related to leadership development, business growth, and professional speaking. The Winter 2019 issue will empower leaders with the knowledge of how to turn cold leaders into loyal warm customers. You will be empowered with the tools you need to build a business where you can not only obtain customers but also retain them as well.

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Within this issue, you will learn from leaders from throughout the U.S. who want you to achieve victory within your entrepreneurial endeavors. They believe that by simply implementing this issue’s content, you will see major results. You will also become aware of ILEAD Company updates as well as receive information on small businesses who serve other small business owners to assist them in their growth. As you read this issue, encourage other men and women you know to connect with this digital and print magazine that empowers men and women like yourself to THINK – SPEAK & LIVE Leadership!

The Leadership T.K.O.™ magazine Winter 2019 issue focuses on how to cold leads into warm customers, therefore fulfilling your company’s mission.

This issue also shares how professionals empower leaders to build others leaders with content shared by our columnists: Kelly HollandChar-Michelle McDowell, and so many others…

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Winter 2019’s Educational Columnists

Laci Greer

Kelly Hollad

Melba Haggins

Char-Michelle McDowell

Evita L. Smith

Sabrina Thomas

Eraina Tinnin

Anissa Zabriskie

Chou Hallegra

Althea Bates